Guten Tag!

I’m supposed to be a writer, so this is me writing:

I’m sitting at a picnic table, waiting for water to boil. I haven’t showered in 2.5 days.

Doing a hike right up the side of a mountain today probably didn’t help.


Cascade Range, from my campground

Hidden Lake Remained Hidden

It was an odd experience today. I had to turn around, though went until I couldn’t go on any longer. Alone, as it was getting way hotter, and then … I smelled cigarette smoke on the trail?

Even with bear spray, my brain was psyching me out too much. All it kept telling me was that there was a cigarette-smoking loner on the loose. Phooey.

Also I hate uphills, so it might have been my brain sabotaging my hike. 😛 Except … a 9-mile, 2900-elevation gain by myself probably was a bit ambitious?

I did get up to crossing Sibley Creek, and that felt like I was in the land of dinosaurs. There was so much vegetation, huge leaves, slits of brilliant sunlight … it was awesome.

Here’s Hidden Lake via NPS, since I couldn’t deliver 🙂

Diablo Lake

It’s not Hidden: here’s Diablo Lake. Yes, this is the view from my campground. This place is magical.

Shower Sleuthing

After lunch, I went to the Visitor’s Center to text my peeps. That is the only place with service in a 30-mile radius. Then I drove around for 1.5 hours to find ice, and ostensibly to find the place with showers. There are none in the National Park, which seems to be par for the course? I don’t exactly understand that … I guess it’s an environmental thing, and a resource thing? But they could also be making money off them, in theory.

Anyway: North Cascades Visitor’s Center directed me to a campground outside of the park.

I think I drove right by it? (To be fair, I think its signage sucked.)

I ended up in a state park, which had no showers. I also drove by Cascadian Farms. Like, the actual farm of that brand. They had strawberries, but no showers.

Thank heavens for baby wipes, I guess?

Night Life on the Road
Campground in North Cascades NP

Mmmchka. It’s bumping around here.

Meanwhile, for dinner, I’m making Hamburger Helper: Hashbrowns, so that’s exciting.

It doesn’t get dark for a while, so I’ll probably work on some fiction, then listen to an audio book.

Here’s hoping not showering is a natural bug repellent …