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New Moon Intention Setting

My girl Yasmin at Moonology has some good questions for Monday’s New Moon. This is the perfect time for review (it’s also Mercury Retrograde!) as we wind down 2017 and head into 2018.

The New Moon

Yasmin says:

The New Moon in Sagittarius [tomorrow, December 18] Is always great for working out how much FUN you plan to have in the year ahead. Sagittarius is the sign of travel and adventure, after all. However the 2017 New Moon in Sagittarius is also taking place conjunct the planet of hard work, Saturn. So it’s also a very good time of the year for any of us to have a think about where we want our careers to go in 2018.

Careers!? Eep.

Her questions

The things to consider this New Moon are:

1. Did I work hard enough to achieve my ambitions in 2017?

2. Am I willing to work harder in 2018 or do I want more time off?

3. Where do I want to be in my career this time in 12 months?

4. What are the five top things I have to do, to achieve #3?

Name one place you really want to holiday in in 2018


My Answers

1. Did I work hard enough to achieve my ambitions in 2017?

YEP. I’m traveling. My book’s almost done. I quit DC and my job there. I’ve seen a ton of the parts of the US that I wanted to. I think I’m doing pretty well 🙂

2. Am I willing to work harder in 2018, or do I want more time off?

I suppose it depends on how you define this 🙂 Technically, I have “time off” right now, and I’ve had 7 months of it. That’s rare. I will need to make income. This year, I want to get money in a way that is fulfilling, and allows me time to write!

3. Where do I want to be in my career this time in 12 months?

My first book to be published, my second book to be drafted, and my third book proposal accepted.

4. What are the five top things I have to do to achieve #3?

a) Write (b: write. c: write. d: write. e: write.)

b) Reach out to literary agents

c) Persist.

d) Keep up my health

e) Keep up good habits

5. Name one place you really want to holiday in 2018.

Japan or Spain!


No better way to get to where you need to be than the power of positive thinking! Yasmin ends with some affirmations good for any time of year:

1. ‘I know that I am blessed.’

2. ‘Life is an adventure!’

3. ‘The world is my oyster!’

Your Answers

Now, tell me: how did you do in 2017? What do you intend to cultivate in 2018?

The Universe No Longer Has Time for Your Bullshit

Ain't no one has time for that -Universe

“I ain’t got time for your shit.” -The Universe

Last year’s election results “shocked” many (in the US and Britain.)

Followers of quantum physics, spirituality, and other non-cable-news modalities knew this was just the beginning of a trend. A continuation, even. That trend first of all involves a massive shift, an awakening, endings for the old way, and dragging the darkness out into the light – no matter how deep the claw marks are in it.

There is to be no more anything “as usual.”

The Truth Is Out

I would say that trend has continued in 2017, in the light of the huge wave of sexual harassment allegations being brought to light. Staid icons are falling in its wake.

And this weekend’s simultaneous Supermoon in Gemini and start of Mercury Retrograde are just highlighting this even more for everyone.

Does it feel like anything that is not on solid ground is falling apart? Is the universe calling you to task for something? Is it make or break time?

Learn From It

As my girl Chani says:

Remain more interested in what the disruptions are teaching you about yourself, than the fact that they are such a pain in your ass. What throws a curve ball at you is annoying, yes, but there’s something deeper that this life circumstance is trying to get to. Something just below the surface of your anger, upset or agitation is trying to get your attention.


These sentiments are important. They want to teach you something that normally can’t get through. Something that you miss when things go smoothly. Whatever demands that we stretch ourselves offers us the opportunity to discover the potential in us that otherwise lies dormant.

Discover what you are capable of in the chaos and the comforts of life.

This week Mercury retrograde and the full moon feel out ways in which to draw your attention to the short term action plans and long-term goals you’ve got on your radar. Some of these plans will stand the storms of this cosmic weather and some will blow away with the winds of change. None of this will become entirely clear until the beginning of next year. These days will unravel what isn’t meant to make it to 2018.



Winter is the time to go inside.  Mercury Retrograde is the time to re- anything: “review, re-examine,” etc. What is coming up for you right now? And how can you take action toward your solution, your goals, your purpose?

Divine Harmony weighs in:

with this full moon in gemini- there’s much coming up from underneath the surface particularly around information, communication and Truth.

Level Up

This directly hits me. I’m increasing my daily word sprints in December to 3,000, from November’s 1,667. This seems like a huge leap, but I like the challenge, and I have the time. Plus, like the gym, the more I do it, the easier it gets.

That 3,000, though, is just one small chunk of my novel – 2-4% per day.

Right now, it’s all about building, and about taking small baby steps toward the goal. Those add up. 3,000 words a day becomes 21,000 a week, which results in 84,000 words a month. *That* is a whole book.

Plus, it sure seems like the Universe is pushing me there. No more excuses. Cosmically, we have no choice. The Universe is calling. Will we accept the challenge?

What small steps will you consequently take this month toward your goal?


Please sign up here for my girl Chani’s email newsletter. It’s incredibly thoughtful and insightful.

Divine Harmony has advanced vocabulary, but as a consequence there is much more to directly apply.

On Judgment

I had an interesting experience that I learned from and reminded me of a few good lessons as well.

A friend and I talk a lot about spirituality, crystals, tarot, etc. I invited them to this Facebook group that touches on many of those same topics (Awakening Community, which I found through Victor Oddo.)

Their initial response to looking through the group included gratitude, but also this line: “I’ll have to sort through the attention-seekers.” Then when we talked later he cynically or skeptically mentioned he’d have to sort for “vampirism” and “backwards trolling.”

These things really irked me. My initial feeling was that it’s kind of ironic to judge people for being negative, because that’s perpetuating the cycle. And, that sometimes, these very things he’s poo-pooing are also awakening symptoms. People don’t like change. They lash out. They hiss at what is new. I believe that if someone is coming to a community like that, there are a few things that can happen:

  1. They are truly curious and have a desire to know, so their request is sincere & we’re projecting onto it.
  2. Something is calling them there, even if they don’t know what or how or why yet. It’s on a “woke” community to come around and give that person a big group hug and welcome them. We all felt that way once, too.
  3. We as a community need to recognize how “weird” and out-of-the-norm this kind of stuff is going to be for many people – just like it was for us – and have patience. At one point, I hardcore rolled my eyes at unicorns. Almost every time I saw something in the form of one.  And now it’s practically my spirit animal. Sometimes, we are repelled by the very thing we need …

I tried to give my friend my own understanding and verbal bear hug, by pointing out these things. It gave him food for thought and helped him consider a wider perspective.

And I gave him credit: he’s a straight white male who’s interested in expansion and awakening, which is amazing. He’s going to be an important bridge to the patriarchy, as this process continues. And, sometimes we do need sentries. If a few people in the group become problems, it’s my hope we will be able to self-police or not give them the attention they seek.

Kind of proud of myself for speaking up. Normally I wouldn’t have said anything, or would have apologized for “judging” or “lecturing” my friend, except: I’m sick of that. Apologizing for who we are. PHEH. And, at the end of the day, if we can’t talk about it, then how is anyone ever going to know?



The 3rd, 4th, and 5th Dimensions Defined

I started more often coming across talk of dimensions, ascension, “the shift,” etc. At first I was like, ugh, is this that math-based talk of “planes” that my brain can’t really process? Then stumbled across this as I was trying to understand the discussion of “third” “fourth” and “fifth dimensions.” I like it when I get caught up in things “of this Earth,” or third-dimensional. Those are usually shitty feelings, and it’s probably because I’m not aligned. 

Third dimension clings a lot to identity and titles, such as “student,” “teacher.” It takes its esteem from the external, such as, “I am a hard worker.” 

It involves a lot of “thinking,” plotting, mentally rehearsing conversations, etc. It’s usually sarcastic, obnoxious, critical, attacking. It’s very focused on your way as “right,” and “the other as wrong.” 

4th Dimension focuses on magic, a God, one way, one form, “black” or “white” magic, etc. Kind of like “The Secret.” 

Highlights of the 5th Dimension: 

  • You experience the awesome reality of living in the faith that you are in the hands of your Spirit
  • You perceive everything as “okay”… even if it’s sometimes unpleasant… because you know that Spirit is directing your Course
  • You see your identity as a Divine being Unfold
  • Your reliance on Material and Magical perceptions is superseded by your reliance on Miraculous Perceptions
  • You perceive other’s pictures of reality as just that – their pictures – and do not take their projections Personally
  • You realize that, in many areas of your life and especially your mission, the walls of time/space are not a Limitation
  • You live with the understanding that by remaining open and empty… the Universe can manifest miracles through You
  • You love everyone and know that they are part of the Divine Whole
  • You are grateful to be Alive
  • You see your Vision of Heaven on Earth Manifesting
  • You share your Vision, cosmic identity, and insights freely and Naturally
  • Miracles are a Given

How are you living? 

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