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RIP Bowie.

I went as Aladdin Sane for Halloween 2015 … Shocked to hear the news today. He was creating until his last. Here’s to the ultimate confident creative. RIP. 

Second Drafts

Holy crap. I just accidentally listened to the original recording of “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake. Yes, I love 80s hair band frat rock. Anyway!

My point: this original version, which undoubtedly helped launch them into fame, was NOT as good as the 20th anniversary edition that I am apparently more used to hearing. There’s less passion and verve. Maybe they didn’t know they had a masterpiece, maybe they weren’t as fit or inspired. But still. 20th anniversary edition? Anthem! Original? Meh-to-depressing.

So, I guess revision is never done.

But again: at some point, you have to step away and call it done. Clearly the original had something. Maybe they were better live. And if they hadn’t published it at all, no one would have wanted a 20th anniversary edition, which has re-inspired millions.

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