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Souvenir Shopping in Taos, NM

Despite my conflicted feelings on Taos, I bought my most significant souvenirs there.

Proud Lady

The first was this R.C. Gorman print: 

R.C. Gorman's

R.C. Gorman’s “Proud Lady” source:


I first saw this in the lobby of the Hotel LaFonda, and wow. To see this towering over you, in a 6’x4′ frame (at least.) “Powerful” doesn’t do it justice.

I wanted the largest one, but I am glad I got one at a solid size, which I could afford.

Finding the Perfect Souvenir

The other was the one souvenir from the outset of my trip I knew I wanted to get .

When I was growing up, my dad’s father wore this turquoise ring that was silver and had two rectangles of turquoise next to a larger square of turquoise. It was pretty big – took up most of his knuckle. He and my grandma traveled a lot, and that ring always stood out to me. It was lost at some point, so since I was going to be in the Southwest, I was looking for something similar.

Unfortunately, the bigger the (real, quality) ring, the more expensive. And, of course, we are still doing “women’s = FLOWERS” and “men’s = huge and clunky.”

After combing through entire jewelry stores, I finally found a large, oval ring made for women. It is as tall as my knuckle and actually fits snugly around my finger. It’s got these kind of “rock and roll” details, too: the band splits into three different ones that end in these silver knobs. They perfectly accent the black marble design on the turquoise. Many people who have seen it have complimented the turquoise, so I know I did good, and I am really happy about that!

Business Insider: The Most Beautiful Libraries in Each State

I know I’ve posted about my new #officegoals, but here’s a great new thing to aspire to check off: Business Insider has a list of the most beautiful library in each state. Sweeeet.

Lots of modern stuff. I was expecting more like Nevada’s for out west – rustic feels. Ir’a almost like the expectations were switched: lots of old-school homieness in the cities, and lots of modern sleekness in the country.

I dream of the day I can get married in Maryland’s entry, and live in New Jersey’s. Talk about #librarygoals …

Connecticut’s feels like one for a fancy personal home.
Texas: formerly a WalMart. Of course.
For the entire list and more photos like below, check out the Business Insider article here. 
Not really what you’d expect from Montana, eh?

Update: Just stumbled across these 360 degree views of some of the country’s most beautiful libraries! Thanks Thomas Schiff for taking, and HuffPo for sharing!

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