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New Moon Intention Setting

My girl Yasmin at Moonology has some good questions for Monday’s New Moon. This is the perfect time for review (it’s also Mercury Retrograde!) as we wind down 2017 and head into 2018.

The New Moon

Yasmin says:

The New Moon in Sagittarius [tomorrow, December 18] Is always great for working out how much FUN you plan to have in the year ahead. Sagittarius is the sign of travel and adventure, after all. However the 2017 New Moon in Sagittarius is also taking place conjunct the planet of hard work, Saturn. So it’s also a very good time of the year for any of us to have a think about where we want our careers to go in 2018.

Careers!? Eep.

Her questions

The things to consider this New Moon are:

1. Did I work hard enough to achieve my ambitions in 2017?

2. Am I willing to work harder in 2018 or do I want more time off?

3. Where do I want to be in my career this time in 12 months?

4. What are the five top things I have to do, to achieve #3?

Name one place you really want to holiday in in 2018


My Answers

1. Did I work hard enough to achieve my ambitions in 2017?

YEP. I’m traveling. My book’s almost done. I quit DC and my job there. I’ve seen a ton of the parts of the US that I wanted to. I think I’m doing pretty well πŸ™‚

2. Am I willing to work harder in 2018, or do I want more time off?

I suppose it depends on how you define this πŸ™‚ Technically, I have “time off” right now, and I’ve had 7 months of it. That’s rare. I will need to make income. This year, I want to get money in a way that is fulfilling, and allows me time to write!

3. Where do I want to be in my career this time in 12 months?

My first book to be published, my second book to be drafted, and my third book proposal accepted.

4. What are the five top things I have to do to achieve #3?

a) Write (b: write. c: write. d: write. e: write.)

b) Reach out to literary agents

c) Persist.

d) Keep up my health

e) Keep up good habits

5. Name one place you really want to holiday in 2018.

Japan or Spain!


No better way to get to where you need to be than the power of positive thinking! Yasmin ends with some affirmations good for any time of year:

1. β€˜I know that I am blessed.’

2. β€˜Life is an adventure!’

3. β€˜The world is my oyster!’

Your Answers

Now, tell me: how did you do in 2017? What do you intend to cultivate in 2018?

Monetize yo self

I mentioned to a friend the other day that I was going to look into ways to “monetize my online properties to make passive income.”

Can you tell I’ve been listening to too many Tim Ferriss podcasts lately?

Anyway, I found a nice list with dozens of good ideas. I will look more into some of these as my trip (or money) ramps down. The idea of hibernating, hunkering down and churning out some actual work seems more like something to relish when I am refreshed. Here’s a sample for my fellow writers:

Please send me any additional ideas, successes or websites! I’ll definitely need them come the fall.


How to Quit Your Day Job

I’ve listened to the Being Boss podcast for about a year now. The two powerful women at the center of that, Kathleen and Emily, are modern & engaging. In this episode, they share how they left their day jobs, how others do it, and what you need to do to prepare. They recommend having a plan, but reveal that a large financial safety net isn’t always required. To hear the whole episode:

What’s your list?

As I mentioned yesterday, Neil Gaiman‘s 2012 commencement speech at U Arts Philly contains a number of gems for writers.

One of the best was the reveal that his career was driven by a list of things he wanted to do, which he’d made when he was 15: “I didn’t have a career. I just did the next thing on the list.”
 Fifteen is great, it’s when you’re old enough to have seen some of the world and really imagine the possibilities, but young enough to be in tune with your likes and wants, without all that boring stuff that taints it, like bills and whatnot.

I wonder what 15-year-old me would’ve said? Many of the things I’ve already done – be a journalist, live in a big city, travel. Granted, these things look and feel different than what I envisioned, but I still did them.

And, a better exercise: what would your list look like today? Very appropriate, this first week after New Year’s Intentions/Resolutions, and what with Mercury Retrograde just starting.

Today, my list would look like this:

  • Visit lots of natural places, especially National Parks in the Western US
  • Finish my first novel
  • Write more fiction
  • Have an online presence  
  • Spend more time with my family 
  • Meditate on what I love that could earn me money
  • Paint more  
  • Have more time and space 
  • Lower resting heart rate, less neck pain, more strength

How about yours?

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