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Best Podcasts of the Year

Is it that time of year already? The “best of” podcast lists?

Spending as much time as I do hiking, setting up my campsite, and in the car, I consequently listened to a lot of podcasts this year. I love them because I can download them to play them anywhere, can play them over my car’s Bluetooth and listen in a variety of settings as mentioned above, and they are shorter than audiobooks.

10 of my perennial favorites are:

Vulture’s Best of 2017 include:
  • Missing Richard Simmons (devoured it before I left)
  • Binge Mode: Game of Thrones (not my jam)
  • First Day Back (a topic I’m interested in, so will add to my list)
  • Where Should We Begin (haven’t listened, it’s a maybe)
  • Ear Hustle (another topic I’m interested in, so will add to my list)
  • :74 Seconds (the gushing about the first four episodes intrigues me)
  • This American Life (I go in and out of this perennial favorite)
  • The Heart (haven’t heard of before now, so maybe)
  • The Daily (I can barely handle headlines, so news podcasts will never be my thing. I feel like I get enough headlines.)
  • S-Town (totally agree with its #1 position. Binged this amazing Southern Gothic profile when it came out. Serial was the first and best podcast I’ve listened to, so I will always immediately try anything under its umbrella.)
Entertainment Weekly’s Best of 2017 adds:
  • Mogul: The Chris Lighty Story (I agree. Binged this when it came out.)
  • Nancy (Haven’t heard of it. Will look into.)
  • 36 Questions (Jonathan Groff? A musical? I admonish my friends who didn’t let me know about this! Adding!)
  • Dirty John (Damn, this one was RIVETING. Listened to all 6 epis in a day.)
  • 30 for 30 (Yep, this one was great. As it should be, transfering from a successful tv series on a major network.)
  • Pod Save America (see my notes about The Daily.)
Time’s list adds:
  • Still Processing (Hadn’t heard of. I don’t usually like ‘conversational’ podcasts like this that are not interviews or storytelling.)
  • Reply All (I dip in now and then, if I’m caught by the topic du jour. They had a best-of epi last year I listened to that was pretty spectacular, but it was about incarceration, which is a topic that interests me.)
  • Dear Sugars (a good listen, I catch it when I can. For some reason I prefer to read rather than listen to advice columns, like Ask Polly.)
  • Larry Wilmore: Black on Air (Haven’t heard of or given it a listen.)
  • More Perfect (I’m intrigued, but haven’t heard of it before!)
  • 2 Dope Queens (I know everyone loves them. I don’t usually like these formats of people talking to each other.)

So! Which podcasts did you like this year? Which episodes should I listen to? Am I ‘eh’ on one you can convince me I must I try? Let me know!

Design the Life You Love: Vision Letter (spoiler: find out what I’m doing after the trpi)

In my desperate attempt to “figure out my life” before I go on this life-figuring-out trip, I grabbed two books. OK, it wasn’t that dramatic: my side hustle working with a career coach on her social media had me listen to a Hidden Brain podcast about “Designing Your Life.” One of the books I was led to was “Design The Life You Love” by Ayse Birsel. It applies design principles from a furniture/graphic designer.

Basically, you “deconstruct” your life and look at the present-day constraints, values, etc. You examine these from various “points of view.” Then you pick some role models that represent values that are important to you.

Then you “reconstruct” – use a metaphor for what your current life is, and what you want your life to look like. You highlight your values – your “manifesto”, et voila! New life!

What was interesting about this exercise was I noticed there were some pretty obvious things I was denying or putting down in context. In context, I was thinking about everything as will this make me income? Out of context – deconstructed down to the pure form, the values, what it represents, who I want to be like – it adds back up to a pretty rad existence. One that would be truly my own, and that would be energizing. Kind of the point of quitting a job I’m lackluster about, and a workplace that leaves me feeling like the peg that was trying to be shoved into the round hole.

My favorite part of the book was – shocker – “Vision Letter As Expression.” The best part is she had a template that tied all the previous work (answers) together. And it was the big reveal at the end (doo doo doo, wouldn’t know anything about wanting to go ahead and skip to the end!)

Just like how they tell you to share your weight loss/etc goals publicly, it’s also the part that I thought would be helpful to share, for some accountability. It is my vision statement, overall – maybe not  When people are like, Yeah, trip, awesome, BUT, “what are you going to do after?” I’m going to be like:

Dear Future Lauren,

I deconstructed my life recently and realized my constraints are my current career path, too little “me” time for nature/creative projects/ exercise. I’m really extroverted & value family, travel, and novelty.

My role models are Andy Warhol, Marie Forleo, BeyoncĂ©, and anyone who’s ever published a book.

They remind me of my own values of strength, innovation, colors, energy, NGAF, creativity, ground-breaking, entrepreneurialship, tenacity and seeing things through to completion.

My life today is me gnawing my fingernails in the skydiving office, or maybe even still panicking in the car in the parking lot outside.

I’m redesigning it to be carried in a soaring hot air balloon, full of color, life, heat, energy, adventure, 30,000 foot views, etc.

What really matters to me is feeling love, fulfilled, soaring, serenity. It involves creative studying traction. Energy, self-care, travel. It’s positive, solid, and playful.



Yet another podcast to subscribe to

It’s like:






Marie Forleo debuted a podcast, on the day I already feel like I have wayyyyy too many podcasts on my list. Here’s a quick scroll-through of my current podcasts. Not to mention Ash wants me to binge The OA, Aaron wants me to watch The Magicians, and I’m actively watching This is Us. Oy vey!

Tara Brach
WTF with Marc Maron
Recovered Podcast
The Recovery Show
This American Life
Being Boss
Hay House Radio Podcast
How She Creates
Bad Money
Hidden Brain
Hay House Meditations
Hay House World Summit
The Tim Ferris Show
Rick Roll Podcast
The Way I Heard It
Welcome to Night Vale
Dr Wayne Dyer Podcast
Marie Forleo Podcast

Dare I ask what you’re listening to? X-P 🙂

How to Quit Your Day Job

I’ve listened to the Being Boss podcast for about a year now. The two powerful women at the center of that, Kathleen and Emily, are modern & engaging. In this episode, they share how they left their day jobs, how others do it, and what you need to do to prepare. They recommend having a plan, but reveal that a large financial safety net isn’t always required. To hear the whole episode:

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