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Being Social vs Being

I am about three months behind on my social media posts!

If you follow me on  Instagram or Facebook, I’m posting photos from Oregon. From the end of September. Eep!

Then again, who wouldn’t want to live in these images?

And you know from the blog, too, that it’s been hard to maintain anything like an up-to-date story here.

It is SUCH a double-edged sword.


I am really proud of myself for taking the summer off, and not increasing my cell phone’s data package from 2G – on a family plan. With my parents! And using GPS semi-frequently.

Sure, I could’ve gotten more followers or engagement in the moment. But, part of this trip was that I was really burnt out on all the “glued-to-a-screen” connectivity of modern life and of my job. Especially my job.

And I really started to notice all the mindless scrolling I did when I did get back on wifi. Reddit. The latest SNL videos on Youtube. Facebook.

I’ve seen marked improvement in recent days. I think it’s because I started getting curious about the value add. And because I actually have things to do, like finish my novel and increase my Instagram followers – see below!

Moment vs. Memories

Plus, sometimes it takes a LONG time to craft posts. You have to drive to the place that has wifi, connect to wifi, download the images, sort them, edit them, log in to the social accounts, upload them, hope the wifi doesn’t crash in the middle of this (which has happened more than once!), caption them, hashtag them. THEN, you have to “engage” with people online by liking and commenting on their stuff. I mean, this is like a full-time job in some companies! ::shakes my head::

Meanwhile, I’d been sitting at a screen for the past 15 years. There’s an entire natural world out there to explore, and I want to make the most of the time that I have. This is a big country, and some of the destinations are far apart. The drives are long. The hikes are tiring. So sometimes it’s hard to have the brain power to want to buckle down and sit behind a screen.

Instagram Social Boost

I’m also proud of myself for figuring out a way to finally increase my Instagram following. In the last seven days, I’ve increased my followers by about 160 percent. Woo hoo! It’s taken some concentrated effort, and regular wifi access. But not very long per day to do. Which was awesome!

And, hey! If you’re not following me, go do it. Right now!

Communications Gear: To PLB, Satt Message, or go off the grid?

While I intend (look forward to, savor, rejoice at the idea of) to be “off-the-grid” as much as possible, and really, really would like to break my “checking my iPhone every 1-3 minutes” habits, there are practical considerations* to being in an area with no communications by cell phone or wifi service (egads!) (*usually, those are: “serving as the backdrop for a horror flick or James Franco vehicle.”)
A friend who does some extreme backcountry camping  – more intense that I intend to do for now – suggested a PLB in case of actual emergency & no signal.
My mom … suggested I find something that lets her stay in touch as much as possible.
So I did a little research.

This DeLorme device appears to have been the best for two-way messaging:

The “new” device (the DeLorme tech under the Garmin name) seems to be the one preferred for messaging, no matter if we have service:

To access the Iridium network and communicate with an inReach SE+ or Explorer+, an active satellite subscription is required. Depending on usage level, users can opt for an annual contract package or a flexible month-to-month airtime plan, which allows them to pay for service only when they need it. Annual plans range from $11.95 to $79.95 per month (plus activation fee), and month-to-month plans range from $14.95 to $99.95 per month.

Let me know your thoughts. I’ve read a bunch of articles now and these seem to be kind of it for options. In fact, C and I went to REI and the ones I’ve outlined above (minus the last one) … were all enclosed in case together, haha.
If you see or know about another good emergency/limited contact device when there’s no cell or wifi service, let me know!

Office Space

Just ran across this article in my Twitter feed, while doing a social media assignment for a client, at work:

I’ve seen hundreds of articles on all the facets of office life that are bad for your health – from places like *Business Insider,* y’all – sitting, air quality, stress, laptop posture, sleep schedules, management styles, etc. etc. etc. Even the “healthy” offices like open offices – yep! Bad for your health.


Here’s another one (found when looking up articles on giving two weeks’ notice …) :

T-Minus 42: Everything’s Going to Be Okay (A Note From The Universe)

Most of All, Remember The Why

“Stop. Breathe. It’s going to be okay.”

This may be my new, spiritual version of “stop, drop, and roll.”

I was reminded of this all weekend, and it really hit home when I got one of’s recent Notes from the Universe. They are good reminders that there are greater forces at work out there – or just the possibilities for a different perspective – than the one rattling around in my brain. This recent one was especially relevant:

Let’s see… It’s impossible to fail. Everything works out in your favor. The elements conspire on your behalf. There are always more reasons to be happy. Millions of lives are touched by yours. Thousands have thought of you fondly. Hundreds have called you their friend. You can have anything you dream of. Things just keep getting better. And you live forever.


Seems like just what I need to hear right now! Maybe because I’ve been a bit in panic mode & getting weighed down in the reality and the details. As a result, I’ve been getting a lot of messages about NOT FAILING.  Not in the pressure-y way, but in the “EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY, DANGIT!!” way.  And I really like how this note builds to a crescendo, of almost infinite possibilities.

A good friend told me this weekend that among the swirl of chaos that are the details of packing and moving, I needed to remember my “why” first of all. Why I’m going on this trip. What’s motivating me, what my intentions are with it.

I will admit, it’s been hard to see the forest for the trees (and I think you can tell as much in my recent posts!) I’m scared I’m going to shed all of my stuff & then regret it, or need it back sooner than I thought, or anything that amounts to failure.

But really, any judgments, any negativity like that are

So, to remember the why: here’s just a few, for instance, and one that keeps coming back to me:

Who doesn't want to go to there? <3

Glenn Lake, Montana

photo via NPS.

Ah, everybody exhale.

Good night, peace, and love!


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