So, a few short miles from my campsite, there is a big sign like you see at road construction sites. It says, “WILDLIFE WITH BABIES. CROSSING ROAD. NEXT SIX MILES. USE CAUTION.” I’d heard it was a BEAR. Our campground is literally the closest thing to this sign, so I was a bit freaked out by this.

I’d also seen and photographed enough wildlife by now to get annoyed by the occasional “animal jams” caused by tourists whipping off the road to take a photo of a singular bison, or, worse, prairie dog.

So when I saw a traffic jam, I was like, UGH.

Until I caught a glimpse of what it was.

Then I, too, whipped my car off to the side of the road. Where I stood on my driver’s side railing and took these photos with a long, long lens, because ain’t no way I’m creeping close to a grizzly. They can run 40 miles an hour – three times as fast as humans. So she could’ve covered the distance to my car in NO TIME. That didn’t prevent others from wandering into the field (HA. No.) There were at least 60 cars lining both sides of the street by the field where she was. The field was just after that warning sign, so now we know it was indeed a bear & her babies.

The cubs were ADORABLE. They played, wrestled, fell over. Mom was mom: unflappable. At one point she finally turned toward us, with a curious expression: “hey, what’re all these people? Whatcha guys looking at?” Then she went about her business and lumbered back into the woods, out of range of even my long-range lens.

I thought this was pretty rad, and was grateful I just happened to roll up on it! 🙂