It’s National Parks Week! So let’s look at a key piece of gear for my National Parks trip: the National Parks Annual Pass.

This thing is a steal! And it’s a great way to support the lovely wonderlands in our country.

It’s also how I’m able to afford visiting so many of the National Parks on a really tight budget. The pass allows you to get into any per-person or per-vehicle National Park without paying the fee. With some parks costing $20 per person for entry, this is an insane bargain. Especially because ~

Pro tip: if you’re broke, you & a friend (does not need to be relation!) can both sign on to one pass. So You each pay $40, and then just need to visit +2 parks each to save. Woo hoo!

Join my adventure by buying your own! Here’s some FAQs for more information.

Also, check out this list of all the Federal Recreation Areas. This may come in handy at some point! ::saves to iBooks::


Image result for 2017 annual pass national parks

Ironically this year’s image is one of the places I intend to visit!