Bon Giorgio! (That should say “bon giorno” but it autocorrected, and I like it!)

The latest: 

So, work today took a very weird turn. I won’t go into details, per basically every career advice article on the Internet. But, I would just like to submit to the record that as the odd timing and circumstances of things continues at a fast clip … “signs,” if you will? Yeah. There is no doubt I am meant to go on this journey. 


Today I only sold $10 worth of items, but it’s still amazing to me who will drive how far to buy $5 items. One guy was *jazzed* about this small vase I have. There are 100 stories to conjure from that! The first is: “is this secretly way more valuable than I realized and I need to look this up on Antique Roadshow or something?!” Or he could just really be into Pier One Bellagio-esque vases. Who knows! 

Still messaging with people at a steady rate, but it is distracting and annoying. The follow-through rate of some people! Or just the kind of defensive posturing or start to conversations. Sigh. It’s good perspective on “shit-together-ness,” I suppose.


The bed thing … slept on my camp pad last night. It works and I love it, but it’s not my bed. Still in a mourning period I’m sure. Sleep is so important that I really feel like it affects the rest of my day. Also had some intense PT for my rotator cuff yesterday, so not sure if today’s discomfort is from weird sleep, or PT soreness. Days like this I with semi-terror that I may be in pain and feel like shit the whole trip. Nearly everyone has promised me not. My PT and chiro assure me that getting away from my desk is (in essence) the cure. (Yeah, the hazards of sitting are THAT real.) 

Sleep GOOP

Speaking of hazards: I tried some “Amazing GOOP” on my air mattress. Yes, that’s its name. No, it is not by Gwennie, but watch out for that fat lawsuit. Anyway: this adhesive advises use in highly ventilated areas. Except it’s still like 50 outside, so I may have to move my camp pad to a different room so I don’t die of pneumonia or fumes. Though, tbh, I’m not sure it’s active bc it came out like drying gum and sure applied looking like gum discarded on a sidewalk. But, shit, if it fixes my badass queen-sized air mattress, then … who cares?

I mean, uh… : Can’t wait to start sleeping on a cot in cold-ass natural elements!! (Oh hey daily, “CAMERON CARPENTER WHAT HAVE I DONE!?” (yes google him.))

Budget Time

I will need to start to more seriously watch my spending. I was in a fog after work. Combination of the work thing, general lack of sleep, and shoulder soreness. I’ve also eaten out since basically Friday night (mostly on other people’s incredible generosity, FTR 🙏) So I was like, f it, and took a walk to the Thai restaurant by my house.  A Nutella factory and a Thai restaurant are basically the only two things that should not be within walking distance of my house.

But! Walking is good, and I have been doing more lately, which is great. I definitely need the practice. Trying to bump up to 15K average steps/day, from 10K. Which is not terribly hard, interestingly. Once you get moving … 

Funny, reflecting on that & my work experience … early this am when I first woke up, I Tweeted: “Get to it to get through it … right?” 

Answered my own question today, it seems. 

With the help of relying heavily on my friends. And a bit of Thai. Now: to sleep?