I took this week off work to prep, post and sell as many of my things as I could. (And also because my workplace doesn’t pay out vacation days at the end, eye roll! Protect yourself & check the policy, people.)

Thanks to my work over the past three days, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel with this sell-all-the-things nuttiness. I also can finally see an ROI, too!

Why sell?

My goal is to divest myself of things for the spiritual benefit – that whole, “what are you creating space for?”

In my research and gear-gets, I see too that we need next to nothing to survive. I then reflect on how much debt we are in. I wonder if everyone sold their stuff, too …

Speaking of avoiding debt: these sales further add to funds for my trip! I just did the math and right now, what I’ve sold will consequently fund at least six extra weeks of camp sites. So! I’d say six extra weeks of sight-seeing is worth the work of the past two. 🙂

Only a few more things to sell ... #adventures #adventure #packing #selleverything #ontheroad #getoutside #camping #gear #forsale #bye

“Stuff, stuff, go away, bring me money so I can camp some extra days”

It’s like air traffic control for a private jet convention

Thanks to K’s tip on Facebook Yard Sale groups, in three days, I’ve doubled my earnings from the past three weeks sellingallmystuff. I’m now 4/5ths of the way to the (arbitrary) goal I set. WOO HOO!

And this doesn’t even count the big things: bed, speakers, couch, dining table.. I’ve gotten bites on each of them, so that’s a start.  Let’s hope they sell! (Switch to affirmation mode: My bed, dining table, couch, speakers are sold. I hold the payment for them in my hands. I see it go into my bank account. Repeat.)

It’s definitely not easy. One lesson is that to post & sell so many items is like a new job. Definitely want to create space for that! There’s a lot to manage, and intricacies to learn in the photo/post/correspond/meet. That aspect can take it out of me too. I joke that I feel like the air traffic controller at a private jet convention!

Fo Realz

I find I start to get annoyed with myself, or embarrassed, about writing/whining about the “sell” part of this trip “so much.”

::dramatically falls back onto chaise.::

But, I realize now this is part of the ‘job’ or work of this expedition. It’s the foundation that will allow me to get on the road. I don’t think it’s realistic to just leave behind an apartment full of possessions. Or prudent, cuz it turns out they are also little piles of dollars. Hehe!

And to share what I’m going through in the moment is part of the “real-ness” I want to bring to this experience. (Er, this blog. This trip is already so real.) I do not want to be one of those FOMO-inducing people who only shows the pretty mountain pictures. (Editor’s note: Check back June 15 for gobs of pretty mountain pictures.)

Lessons Learned

If I have any wisdom from this experience, it would be that I could have better time boundaries around these tasks, and hence, it’d be easier to chill in my “off” times. I basically fell into that in the last 24 hours. The schedule sort of sifts itself out, too, I suppose.

And yet, I furthermore have had to deal with grief, away for five days for the funeral, and there are also some other life things going on. Therefore, I’m sure that combination, plus my general fears & “what ifs” about this trip, fuel the feeling of busy-ness.

But, I have to give myself credit, too! I’ve done the work and have been able to earn a lot of money, in about three weeks. I will have few possessions left to hold me down or worry about how to get them to where I end up. I know my car will not be over-full when I am on the road (always a safety concern!)

The Rest of the Picture

Like a snow globe, it was a right flurry up in here for a bit. But finally, it seems like things may slowly drift into place:

  • It is nice to notice that the rest of my apartment really is mostly ready to go. (Cupboards, drawers & shelves are empty. Clothing mostly packed. Trip gear packed & separated into its own closet.)
  • I have already set time boundaries for the final weekend, to do the required deep-clean of my apartment. (Ah, ye Sisyphean task! ::shakes fist:: Hey, you know what would make a good birthday present por moi? LOL.)
  • I simply have to survive either three (or one?!) more weeks of work.
  • I’m set to see most of the people I want to before I leave.
  • The invite for the farewell/birthday party is out.
  • The first 30-60 days post-D.C. is outlined.
  • My general itinerary is in place.
  • Most of the gear I have.
  • There’s a running list of remaining bits “to order.”


This trip is, like, really about to happen. 😳

And, best of all: I maybe actually will sleep a full night tonight 😱

Thanks for riding along,