bobrauschenbergamerica – Splashes of lives, like Rauschenberg’s paintings. Random rubber chickens falling from the sky, audience participation like wearing smocks, playing duck-duck-goose in the middle of the show and joining in the dance finale, plus a girl on rollerskates. All in a 40-seat art studio/gallery with the director in the front row. Good fun. The definition of an art ‘experience.’

Romeo & Juliet: A Crime Scene Investigation – A high school production of Romeo & Juliet, with weird inclusion of two Juliets and a narrator who was supposed to be investigating but really just intro’d the scenes they had chopped out of the original. Blech.

Death before Dying – Cool East-West interpretive dance. Didn’t get why there was two East and four West, and the dancing was obviously amateur-ish, since it was not really varied. The live band of 7 to 12 was awesome and I want their CD.