It’s like:






Marie Forleo debuted a podcast, on the day I already feel like I have wayyyyy too many podcasts on my list. Here’s a quick scroll-through of my current podcasts. Not to mention Ash wants me to binge The OA, Aaron wants me to watch The Magicians, and I’m actively watching This is Us. Oy vey!

Tara Brach
WTF with Marc Maron
Recovered Podcast
The Recovery Show
This American Life
Being Boss
Hay House Radio Podcast
How She Creates
Bad Money
Hidden Brain
Hay House Meditations
Hay House World Summit
The Tim Ferris Show
Rick Roll Podcast
The Way I Heard It
Welcome to Night Vale
Dr Wayne Dyer Podcast
Marie Forleo Podcast

Dare I ask what you’re listening to? X-P 🙂